Why am I doing this…

An update on why I’m actually putting that much effort in peacefulcreativity.com .
I talked with a friend about authenticity today and realized I hadn’t tell the full story.
Very Sans-Filter

6 thoughts on “Why am I doing this…

  1. Mek j’aime bien le format (le fond aussi), ça permet d’écouter ça à la manière d’une émission radio. A+

    1. Merci mec, c’était une expérience intéressante de poster ‘juste comme ça’ sans préparation, ni script. Je pense que je le referai.

      Merci pour ton retour et soutien !

  2. I am completely with you on this. Peacefulness is so important and sharing certain practices and advice, or experiences will help and inspire others. Even if its just 1 out of 100, its absolutely worth it <3 Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Ella! Since this video I started feeling a shift: more and more people come back and tell me the content is valuable to them.
      Incredible feeling 🙂
      Your episode of the podcast is one I keep sending people to because of its ‘even if you’re scared, keep moving forward’ message (among other things).

      Thanks for being part of this!


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