Travis O’Neill (@travis_o_neill) is the singer of Pipes and Pints, the Lowdead and Travis O’Neill and his Cardinal Sins.
He’s also a former athlete, a MMA commentator and a highly positive fellow! 
We talk about how he adapts his creative approach to each band, life as a foreigner musicians in Prague. Then we dig deeper on subjects like Ego (and how to use it), creative Control, spirituality, ayahuasca and much more. 

Travis’ trademark positivity and openness are a joy to listen to and I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation.

Note: neither Travis nor Peaceful Creativity staff recommends the use of drugs. The information provided in this podcast are purely informational. Life is awesome, don’t  do stupid stuff.

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If they say ‘thank you’ it’s beautiful. If they don’t , they have their own story.

– Travis O’Neill

Show Notes

Travis’ projects
Pipes and Pints
The Low-Dead
Travis O’Neill And His Cardinal Sins


Ego is the enemy, Ryan Holiday
Positive Mental Attitude , Napoleon Hill
Transformational meditation
Fibonacci sequence
Paganism/edenism/odenism/neo paganism

People (& bands) mentioned in the episode

Ella Becker
The ramoniers
Van Halen
Tony Robbins

If I forgot something, please send me a line at and I’ll complete it. 

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