What you’re about to read is my first post ever.
It was a guest post and it’s no longer online, so I decided to share it with you guys because I think it’s cute (with all its flaws). Also I still think that People bring Magic to life and that “Everybody’s cool”.
Happy time travel to 2017!

Sometimes, I feel like I’m immune to Magic.

Crazy, impossible stuff turn reality every day and, if I notice it at all, I just go ‘cool’ and continue my day as if it’s completely normal.

I can learn anything anytime without going anywhere; I can have any (good) project funded by strangers, there are cars that don’t need gas, nor drivers and skateboards that don’t need pushing. Hell, I can print OBJECTS OUT OF THIN AIR, isn’t it pretty damn magical?

Yet it takes me as little as a coffee break to become aware of it, integrate the news, joke about it…and forget that it is indeed Magic.

But you know what never ceases to feel amazingly out of this world? People. Human interaction. Exchange & communication.
Every time.

The drunkard and the bitch

Today I was filling the trunk of my car (which needs gas and a driver). I see a guy walking more or less in my direction while talking angrily to himself. My instinct kicks in and I prepare myself for some sort of confrontation. My bitch’s instinct kicks in and she runs toward the stranger … to play with him.
That’s when I watch the 30-something drunkard turn into a happy little boy who likes dogs.

His anger is gone, he’s smiling, petting Artika & having a good time.

After a moment (I’m still putting Xmas presents in my trunk), he looks at me and tells me “Mate hezkeho pejska!” (Czech for “You have a nice dog”). I thank him and wish Merry Christmas. He says something like ‘You too, Bro” and leaves.

Going from battle-mode to brotherhood in such a short time feels amazing, my head is almost spinning and it reminds me the good old days of Day Game. To me, it is Magic that Human interaction still has this effect on me after 33 years.

How to prepare a magic 2018? Put human interaction at its core.

Here are 3 methods I had good results with and plan to do more of.

1. Shoe Swapping

I have this colleague who’s a complete douchebag.

He probably stole some company equipment, he’s not taking responsibility for his failures, he writes angry e-mails (where he spells ‘separate’, ‘seperate’) and he’s generally a dick.
Maybe you have the same in your office.

I can blame him (as I just did), continue with this ‘he’s such a douchebag’ story and use it to make myself shine in comparison. Most colleagues would agree with me and we’d bond over our mutual dislike of this guy (let’s call him Bob).

let’s say this is what Bob looks like (after a diet).

Or I can put myself in Bob’s shoes by remembering Wendy’s nice words:

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

– Wendy Mass

Bob might have family problems, health issues or past trauma and maybe his way of dealing with this is… well, being a douchebag.

I can remember a few occurrences where he actually did or said something nice, funny or kind. Nobody’s a pure monster.

Still, he often acts as a douche and it’s hard to empathize.

My technique for shoe swapping

I picture Bob’s inner child (as a scared little boy in a fat adult body).
It’s easier to feel sorry for him this way.

Then I think about my Son, how he does stupid stuff when he’s angry and how I can pardon and deal with it calmly thanks to Love.

Finally, I put the 2 images next to each other.

And I realize that Bob’s douchebagness is a cry for help.

You can use this technique everytime somebody pisses you off, even mildly: see their inner child, bring the memory of someone you love deeply and use the love for the later to deal with the former.

Maybe 2018 will be the year Bob and I become friends or discover common interests. Wow, that’d be Magic.
[editor’s note in 2019: it wasn’t]

2. Take a break

There are times when I feel lonely and crave for human interaction: I would talk about anything with anyone.
When this craving happens, it tends to obsess me until Life put someone directly on my path to free myself from loneliness and actually have a chat.
I assume that’s a pretty standard feeling, maybe you experienced it sometimes.

But here’s the thing: in those moments, I unconsciously reject people who’d actually like to interact.

Say the shop assistant is a bit more communicative than usual, or a colleague (not Bob) wants to chat when I’m busy or a friend starts chatting on Facebook as I begin watching Jessica Jones season 1 finale… I’d dodge and avoid the very exchange I was looking for.

The solution to this “I feel lonely/leave me alone” paradox is to take a break. I believe very few situations prevent from taking a few minutes to communicate. Being in a shop, at work or on Facebook are not one of those.

Once I went to talk to Bob (apparently the star of this post) and he shut me down, gazing at his computer screen and dropping short answers.

I felt unwelcome, rejected, I went away, tried my best to shoe swap and failed (“Bob is such a douche!”).

A few weeks later, however, another colleague (Beard) came to chat a bit. I wanted to focus on what I was doing so I didn’t elaborate on my answers and kept coming back to my computer screen… until I realized I was being a Bob and needed to take a break.

Beard is awesome and a few trivia on Queen

I put my pc on pause and eye-contacted Beard.
We took a coffee, talked about Queen and I learned that their bassist is named John Deacon, comes from funk (not hard rock like the rest of the band) and actually wrote Another one bites the dust. I felt refreshed and pumped coming back to the workstation 10 minutes later.

and that would be Beard. He’s awesome.

I would have missed that if I’d just continue the daily grind.

How many other great exchange did I miss cause I wasn’t ready to take a break?

How many did You miss?

3.Everybody’s cool

I used to think that not everybody was cool.

I’d feel like I was losing my time if I wasn’t talking to the hottest lady, the most door-opening client or the most influential person in the company.

Of course, that’s complete bullshit or rather an ineffective self-told story and I’m glad I got rid of it because it brought me the biggest gig I ever had as a video game composer.

the biggest gig I ever had as a video game composer.

In 2013 I put together a portfolio and became serious about being a freelance music maker.
I wasn’t sure where to start so I chose the hard path (I’m not proud of it) : I spent hours mapping the VG companies in the Czech Republic, cold-contacting them, following-up ad nauseam … and got to close to no results.

During my research, I stumbled upon Kubatko, a fellow VG composer whose work I really enjoyed.
I mailed to let him know, he answered, we chit-chat and I forgot about the exchange.

Years later, I was invited by Bohemia Interactive (makers of Arma & Day-Z) to score a new project. It resulted in a 2 years collaboration under very good conditions both creatively and financially.
When I asked why they contacted me they said that they usually work with Kubatko who was busy and recommended me.

58 companies contacted individually and the biggest gig comes from the 1 time I reached out for the sake of human interaction. Isn’t it magic?

Everybody’s cool. Don’t neglect anybody.

The cleaning lady shares your passion for anime,
the chatty shop assistant wants you as the drummer of his new post-punk band,
your fellow composer will get you bigger gigs than actual clients.

Everybody's cool. Don't neglect anybody. Click To Tweet

You’re actually reading this very article because I choose to take some time away from my work to show my music studio to David.
I had no business plan in mind, I just wanted to spend some good time with a Friend and, sure enough, the Magic happened and here’s my first guest-post opportunity!

What does 2017 Arnaud wants to do in 2018

In 2018, I want to learn new things (maybe Javascript, maybe Russian, maybe something completely different), to get better at parkour, longboard, and piano, to write more articles and put my online presence in order…
But more than anything, I want People!

I want to have a great time with my wife and kids, stay in touch with my friends, make new ones and enjoy all the others small interactions that make our life magical … when we allow it.

Happy new year!


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