What! A podcast ? This guy is craaazy!
Well, not as crazy as You if you don’t listen to this amazing interview with the amazing Scott Frazier!

Scott is a coach, spiritual teacher and one of the happiest person I know. We talk about Meditation and the best way to start (surprising advice!), Guidance, the amazing things that happen when you follow it, the story of Peaceful Creativity, living under a bridge and much more.

Here’s the link to the first episode of the Peaceful Creativity Podcast…which might also be named the Perfectly Imperfect Podcast or the Arnaud Show or the 5 AM Pod…I’m not sure but so far it’s the Peaceful Creativity Podcast (or PeaCreaPod for short).

edit: it’s the PeaCreaPod all right 🙂

What you’re hearing is a website-exclusive : it’s not on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcast or anywhere else.

edit: The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Podcast, Breaker and Radio Public.

I welcome any feedback on the show, its content, its form, whatever else you feel like sharing, just write in the comments below.

Show Notes


Scott’s simultaneously hilarious and inspirational podcast : 20 min Man Hour

Waking Up with Sam Harris


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