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My name is Arnaud and I’m a Rock Star.

Arnaud Peaceful Creativity
Arnaud: Producer,  Project Manager, Rock Star

Crowded concerts, sexy fans, money, drugs & other excesses;
but also amazing encounters, beautiful landscapes, deep conversation, a lot of fun and amazing friends…

I had it all.

But I wasn’t there to enjoy it.

I mean, I was there physically but my mind was elsewhere:

When we finished a concert, it was organizing the next one.
When we finished the recording of an album, it was preparing the mixing.
When we got a positive review, it was wondering when we’d get another one from a bigger blog.

I spent 16 years of my life running after a chimera called ‘I want to be a Rock Star’… Instead of just Being one.

And of course this applied to other areas of my life.
In my relationships, my career or my financial life, I often felt like
I needed to be more than what I was. I forgot to enjoy the path on my way to my Goals.

Luckily for me, everything changed in 2014.
That year, I realized my life-long dream of touring Europe, my first son was born, my beloved grandma died and a book I really
needed to read made his way into my life.

I snapped out of my trance of ‘always forward’. It became clear that following it wouldn’t bring me anywhere.

I went through a deep re-evaluation of my priorities, life goals & values. As a result, I started stopping activities (including the band), slowing down and re-learning to enjoy the little things.

I found a new goal with a Path I would enjoy each step of, this time: Peaceful Creativity.

I discovered meditation & spirituality and finally realized what I had missed : years of being a Rock Star instead of ‘wanting to be’ one.

Embracing the moment. Every moment. Every little step toward a goal.
Enjoying creating whatever I need to without useless internal struggle.
Being present for the good and the bad & learning from past mistakes.

This is what my life looks like now. This is what being a Rock Star really means.

I’ll share with you the lessons I’m learning on this life-long journey toward Peaceful Creativity.

You’ll find articles about creativity, peace of mind, psychology, physical health and whatever other topics I think could be of value to You.
There are also interviews & collabs with people who inspire me and help me stay present (and on the right track).

But, right now, I have a gift for you!
Results require actions so I prepared
“3 easy tips for a peaceful yet creative life”.

These are actionable things you can do right now to bring more Peacefulness & Creativity to your life. I use it and it works. The people I shared it with told me it worked for them too.

Please tell me your name and the email I should send it to.
You’ll also get the latest articles directly in your mailbox and be the first to know about live events and other goodness (and yes, it’s FREE!).

I’m a Rock Star.

You are a Rock Star.

But that’s just where the journey begins…and it’s more fun to travel together.

So let’s go!


Welcome to Peaceful Creativity!


[su_service title=”About the Author” size=”60″]Arnaud is a Music Producer, Coach and the founder of He’s certified in Positive Psychology, a former student of Neil Strauss, Sam Harris and an enthusiastic mediator┬ásince 2015. As a producer he’s worked with Michal Horacek, the Czech national Radio, Bohemia Interactive, Bara Basikova, Universal music… He’s also a geek who likes gifs & pop culture reference (#noshame).

Learn more about how to bring peacefulness & creativity to your life on the Work with Arnaud page.[/su_service]

2 thoughts on “Peaceful Creativity

  1. Great blog! I love the idea of Peaceful Creativity. It makes me feel like I can flow with the Universe instead of fight. “The path is the goal!” Great point. We could all use more attention on the path we are walking right now in the present moment. Because that’s what is creating our future.

    1. Thank You, David! It’s a lesson we need to remind ourselves and each other, very regularly, indeed!
      You are definitively one of the forces which made this blog possible and I thank you again for that ­čÖé


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