This is Jack Conte:

This is me (on LinkedIn):

Arnaud Peaceful Creativity
Arnaud Peaceful Creativity

This is me (now):

I picked this random photo cause it has the same angle…I know I don’t look at my best 😀

Jack is an alternate version of me who came to this version of the universe to remind me to move my ass forward.

He’s a musician and the founder of Patreon, he’s bald, bold, beardy and he gets extremely enthusiast over projects. Just like me.

He’s also about to launch a revolution in music creation, promotion and distribution:

So, to tell you the truth.

I didn’t feel very peaceful when I first saw these video

I was a mess, questioning all my life’s choice (maybe I should’ve moved to LA, after all???) and feeling disappointed in myself for not having achieved as much as Jack.

It lasted a few minutes.

Then I decided, awesome! It’s a validation of something I’ve been having in my head for sometimes: I work in Cycle.

I’ve spent the last 3 years in a peacefulness phase, stopping activities like my band and my music label in search of peace.

Found it.

Now I need to be in motion again. Things have aligned in my Life to show me this more and more clearly:

  • I heard the salary of a good friend of mine and envied it (more than 10 times what I make)
  • positions I’m qualified for opened at work
  • I entered a new entrepreneurship program
  • a sound design order came out of nowhere
  • I joined an accountability group to develop my blog

And now alternate Arnaud is talking to me through Youtube to tell me ‘It’s time, bro!’

What I’m not going to do…

…however, is reproduce the mistakes of my past.
Goals are great if you remember to enjoy the Path. And this time around I’m putting a lot of effort into it.

I embrace failures and appreciate all the obstacles along the way…along with the people who mysteriously appear  to help me.

This is not a typical post

If you’ve read some of my posts here in PeaCrea or in the LnP blogazine you know that I put a lot of effort into it.
I usually spend several days writing and editing my posts.
This one is different.

I promised myself I’d write it right away.

It’s 12.34 AM, I watched the post of Jack and Casey less than 2 hours ago and I decided ‘ok I’m going to use this energy to create something!’

I put together the coaching page I’ve been pondering for weeks in less than 20 minutes and now I’m writing this post.

So that’s it, thank you Jack Conte (and Casey) for this boost in motivation and reminder that, the other side of peacefulness is excitement.


Nerdy ps: wow this is magic, usually I spend a lot of time working on SEO to please Yoast plugin…here in this stream-of-consciousness post, I get automatically good rate O_o

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