What am I up to now

(This is the now page of Arnaud CZ (your humble servant), and if it sounds cool to you, you should make one, too.)

Now – 170920

Surfing the wave of renewal

When I worked at Avast, I hated the company policy of auto-renewal.
Now that i’m my own boss, I love when clients automatically renew.
It happens several times a month for my Coach.Me clients and I have the first wave of Deep-Coaching clients who decided to renew.
it’s a great feeling on the financial side obviously but also rewarding to see that they see value in my coaching! Yay!

Real estate

We might buy a house in the country side of the Czech republic. We’d go from 51m2 to 80m2…per floor. Still a long way to go.
working on that.

Getting better at habit coaching

I got certified in habit coaching a while ago and I apply this more and more to my life and my clients’. It’s incredible how powerful habits are. and peaceful too 😉

Finally having the balls to be specific

David & I are doing a lot of below the surface work on PeaCrea in particular regarding our target group.
we’re almost at the phase when we can share it and it’s awesome.

I’ve never been that far in my entreprenerial path!

Krav Maga

I joined a Krav Maga class during the summer and switched to another one. I feels great to connect with the beast.

Below are my old Now Pages, that I keep as a reminder of what mattered to me in the past.


A World of Opening

I’ve reached financial “certainty” for a few months and now everything seems possible. Theoretically I allow myself to do more ‘purpose-less’ things like creating music, doing sport, starting activities just for the f* of it.
Turns out it’s harder than it seems and I’ve been postponing ‘Music Production’ for more than a week now. In progress

New Wheel of Life

As part of this World of Opening, I did pause and look at my life. The best tool that I know of in order to do this quickly is the Wheel of Life. I found a cool one online which let me add and remove parts, compare now/where I want it to be and saves the progress. Pretty excited about it.

Process, not Goal

I read a few pages of Atomic Habit by James Clear and connected with other stuff in my life it was enough for me to know what to do: for each of the parts of my Wheel of life, I want to know the ultimate goal (something bigger than myself in some case) and the tiniest habit I have to implement to be in motion. Then I just make sure that i actually do this habit daily and once it’s natural, I add another tiny habits.
The trick is, I don’t really care about if I reach the goal because to quote Tony Robbins, Progress = Happiness (in other words, the path is the goal).
So I want crazy ambitious goals, cool process and tiny habits.

The Emotional mastery of how you experience Life

before I found the great tool to make wheel of life, I tried a few on the internet, most of which were trying to sell me something after the wheel is completed.

One of these was Tony Robbin’s and I’m glad I found it because it entailed the perfect wording to the part of my life I want to work on the most: the emotional mastery of how you experience Life.

Maybe it’s because I’m in this World of Opening but I feel like any activity I would start doesn’t matter if I can’t just chillax and enjoy whatever I’m doing now.

Easier said than done.

Expanding the business

Trying to expand the ‘proactive client creation’ based on Ritch Litvin’s work to a more ‘attracting clients’ approach.

It will probably starts with Social Media.


Loving Kindness meditation

I’m very aware than no matter how many success I had or will have, they are all useless if I can’t enjoy the moment. This is especially apparent when I’m with my 2 children (6 &2). I’ve tried a lot of mindfulness meditation and learned a lot. Now I’m practicing Loving Kindness (or Metta) meditation and it’s bringing great results.

Building my coaching business by exploring my fears

I started approaching men that impress me because of their career, finance and overall success and offer to coach them. I got that from Ritch Livtin (“coach people who inspire you”). It’s working great so far.

Investing time & energy in coach.me

I joined coach.me at the beginning of the pandemic, thinking a lot of people online who need coaching. It didn’t work that way. Instead I found a great community of coaches and learned a lot about the craft of ‘digital coaching’ (coaching by chat’) and myself.
After the initial excitement part, I was about to drop it when I got invited to a new training program by Kendra Kinnison. It brought my enthusiasm back and I signed 2 new clients on coach.me

Coaching coaching coaching

on coach.me, zoom & microsoft team. I love coaching, it’s the best job I ever had. I use the principle of the prosperous coach to ‘create’ clients.
I love my clients.

Real estate stuff

Trying to buy, sell & rent stuff for me, some friends & my family. Trying to be honest on all front (possibly losing opportunities in the process.

Podcasting and live show

I love to record podcast, I have some resistance toward editing them but my colleague Kris and I developed some cool process to make the process easier.
I’m looking for ways to get in touch with people who inspire me. The top 3 would probably be Sam Harris, David Lindelof and Ryan Holiday.

Live shows (PeaCreaLive!) are fun to create and get a surprising amount of view. We want to increase viewers engagement so the show is even more interactive.