What am I up to now

(This is the now page of Arnaud CZ (your humble servant), and if it sounds cool to you, you should make one, too.)

Now – 220620

A World of Opening

I’ve reached financial “certainty” for a few months and now everything seems possible. Theoretically I allow myself to do more ‘purpose-less’ things like creating music, doing sport, starting activities just for the f* of it.
Turns out it’s harder than it seems and I’ve been postponing ‘Music Production’ for more than a week now. In progress

New Wheel of Life

As part of this World of Opening, I did pause and look at my life. The best tool that I know of in order to do this quickly is the Wheel of Life. I found a cool one online which let me add and remove parts, compare now/where I want it to be and saves the progress. Pretty excited about it.

Process, not Goal

I read a few pages of Atomic Habit by James Clear and connected with other stuff in my life it was enough for me to know what to do: for each of the parts of my Wheel of life, I want to know the ultimate goal (something bigger than myself in some case) and the tiniest habit I have to implement to be in motion. Then I just make sure that i actually do this habit daily and once it’s natural, I add another tiny habits.
The trick is, I don’t really care about if I reach the goal because to quote Tony Robbins, Progress = Happiness (in other words, the path is the goal).
So I want crazy ambitious goals, cool process and tiny habits.

The Emotional mastery of how you experience Life

before I found the great tool to make wheel of life, I tried a few on the internet, most of which were trying to sell me something after the wheel is completed.

One of these was Tony Robbin’s and I’m glad I found it because it entailed the perfect wording to the part of my life I want to work on the most: the emotional mastery of how you experience Life.

Maybe it’s because I’m in this World of Opening but I feel like any activity I would start doesn’t matter if I can’t just chillax and enjoy whatever I’m doing now.

Easier said than done.

Expanding the business

Trying to expand the ‘proactive client creation’ based on Ritch Litvin’s work to a more ‘attracting clients’ approach.

It will probably starts with Social Media.

Below are my old Now Pages, that I keep as a reminder of what mattered to me in the past.


Loving Kindness meditation

I’m very aware than no matter how many success I had or will have, they are all useless if I can’t enjoy the moment. This is especially apparent when I’m with my 2 children (6 &2). I’ve tried a lot of mindfulness meditation and learned a lot. Now I’m practicing Loving Kindness (or Metta) meditation and it’s bringing great results.

Building my coaching business by exploring my fears

I started approaching men that impress me because of their career, finance and overall success and offer to coach them. I got that from Ritch Livtin (“coach people who inspire you”). It’s working great so far.

Investing time & energy in coach.me

I joined coach.me at the beginning of the pandemic, thinking a lot of people online who need coaching. It didn’t work that way. Instead I found a great community of coaches and learned a lot about the craft of ‘digital coaching’ (coaching by chat’) and myself.
After the initial excitement part, I was about to drop it when I got invited to a new training program by Kendra Kinnison. It brought my enthusiasm back and I signed 2 new clients on coach.me

Coaching coaching coaching

on coach.me, zoom & microsoft team. I love coaching, it’s the best job I ever had. I use the principle of the prosperous coach to ‘create’ clients.
I love my clients.

Real estate stuff

Trying to buy, sell & rent stuff for me, some friends & my family. Trying to be honest on all front (possibly losing opportunities in the process.

Podcasting and live show

I love to record podcast, I have some resistance toward editing them but my colleague Kris and I developed some cool process to make the process easier.
I’m looking for ways to get in touch with people who inspire me. The top 3 would probably be Sam Harris, David Lindelof and Ryan Holiday.

Live shows (PeaCreaLive!) are fun to create and get a surprising amount of view. We want to increase viewers engagement so the show is even more interactive.