I know you were expecting a podcast episode this week.

I switched and did a SFS instead because:

1/ I didn’t have the resource to produce an episode this week [insert Patreon link that I don’t have yet]
2/ I actually appeared in a podcast this very week, here’s the link. I’m super proud of it…and of course it’s with my man David Papa <3

This week had some really great moments in it even though all of them were dimmed by me being mildly sick:

On Monday, I taught music arrangement to a friendly rocker.
On Tuesday, I was coached by the amazing Ben Pages who helped me create a flow triggering anchor through NLP (& Kanye West).
On Wednesday, I made a great work collaboration.
On Friday,  I completed the 4th of the 4 triad coaching of my coaching course.
On Saturday, I lead my first large scale workshop with 50 people.


you are the best.


You DID notice  and asked yourself “and what about Thursday?”
So great to have you as a reader <3

On Thursday I had a conversation that prompted my March to the Sales.
This is what this SFS is about.

And it might make some of you unsubscribe.

*taking a deep breath*
Here we go.

I hate war.

It might sounds obvious because of the name of the blog but I keep stumbling upon people with a surprising fascination for war and I want to make sure you know I’m not one of them.

War is one of my least favorite things about humans.

So I hesitated to use a War reference for the name of this post.

But {jingle} Heyyy, it’s Sans-Filter Sundayyy {jingle}
so there’s no time for hesitation and March to the Sales (titled after the campaign of Sherman during the US Civil War) sounds good.

So what happened in Thursday’s conversation and what’s this March to the Sales about?

I’m in contact with a big international training company. I like them and their values and they seem to like me so we started to talk about a durable collaboration.

Everyone they collaborate with start by passing a personality test.

I took the test a few weeks back and Thursday was the evening when one senior trainer explained the results to me.

There were some unsurprising results : (according to this test) I’m organized, I have no problem connecting with people fast, my finance are in order, I have a plan.

There were some really surprising results: (according to this test) I blame others and the world when bad stuff happen to me instead of taking responsibility and grow, I’m susceptible and I lack tolerance (ouch).

But the test also put names on blocks I was having for a while:

I’m not determined enough: I will beat around the bush instead of making a direct ask.

I’m not persistent enough: If I offer you something and you tell me ‘no’, I don’t try to change your mind.

Combine that with the fact that if PeaCrea/CreaLea don’t become profitable within 3 month, I have to find a new job.

and you have The March to the Sales.

In March, we march toward Sales.

We did a LOT of work on PeaCrea & CreaLea since last June. It’s crazy when I think about it, how much happened since then.

At the time, I thought that there’s no financial hope outside of the corporate world. So being fired meant ‘take a break then go to the next office job’.
Now I have a team, collaborators, company names, values, mission & vision, several coaching clients and 2 successful workshops behind me.

The Creative Leadership Website is getting sexier every week and the social media presence starts to be consistent.

In term of inner-game as well there’s been some progress, I learned to value my work and the impact it has on clients and price it accordingly (still some work on this part). More importantly I realized that I’m not a fraud and that my products are solid …with client reviews, feedback and payments to prove it.

I feel like all the elements are there.

It’s time to make sales.

I’m still struggling with self-doubts, fear and limiting beliefs but if I wait until they’re gone to move forward I’ll never do it (again, see podcast episode #104).

So I came up with the March to the Sales.

It means that from now on, everything I do with PeaCrea/CreaLea is geared toward making deals with clients. Not leads, but deals that pay the bills.

I’m self-conscious writing this because I wasn’t raise in a culture of “I’m going to make money and I’m proud of it” but SFS was always about being as authentic as possible.

So let’s just jump into it.

=>limiting belief:

I’m not determined enough: I will beat around the bush instead of making a direct ask.

=>empowering belief:

Je suis déterminé, conscient de ma valeur et de ce que j’apporte aux gens et je fais mes demandes avec fierté.

=>resulting actions:

Dear readers,

  1. do you want to be coached in Fr, En or Cz regarding Creativity and/or Peace of Mind ? Are you facing a situation you would need help with in your personal or professional life?  Send an email to arnaud@peacefulcreativity.com (or WhatsApp/Telegram me at +420603588777) for a free 30 minutes consultation and let’s solve your problem or bring you closer to your goal.
  2. would you like to bring innovation, creative leadership and harmonious relationship in your company ? Visit www.Creativeleadership.cz to learn more on how we can help you do just that.
  3. Are you a sales person in search of a meaningful service to sell? Do you want to make money while making the world a better place? Telegram me at +420603588777 and let’s help each others.

You guys helped me build PeaCrea, inspired me to create SFS, gave me the strength to make it public.

The March to the Sales is the next step in me being authentic with you, the world and myself.

And it’s pretty scary.

It’s often scary to grow.

Served Sans-Filter by ArnaudCZ

2 thoughts on “March to the Sales – Sans-Filter Sunday

    1. This was one of the hardest to write so far: I felt very self-conscious publishing it.
      So, I’m really glad you enjoyed it Sofia, thanks for sharing.


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