David Papa (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidpapa) is a corporate coach, spiritual leader & an amazing friend.
In this eventful episode, we talk about his mission to bring Love to the Corporate World, an amazing experience of Oneness he experienced drug-free…and Suicide.

Don’t believe anything I say. Go find your own Truth inside yourself and keep exploring. You have all the answers already inside of You.

– David Papa

Here is the episode (exclusively on PeacefulCreativity.com & Anchor):

Note: the sound quality greatly improve, after the 10min mark (and I’m pretty proud of the transition 😀 )

Show Notes

The Morning Pages referenced by David

Article retracing David’s spiritual path and the birth of his current lifestyle and work:

The Bhaktimarga group referenced by David

David’s hilarious improv group

Scott & David’s simultaneously hilarious and inspirational podcast: 20 min Man Hour

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