Love as a strategy

We did it again! For the second issue of Love and Profit Blogazine, we tackle the subject of Love! Not the Love of Woodstock or Valentine’s Day: love as a strategy. You’ll find stories and practical tips on how You can use this incredible energy to live better.

David from Love and Profit put together a great team of writers that delivered really good and useful content. I’m really honored to have been included in this project.

The article didn’t come as easily as the one I wrote in “preparing a magic 2018”  but in the end, it helped me understand better Love and my relationship toward it… Yes love as a strategy DO make sense !) 

Below is a sample to put you in appetite, read the full article and other great content in the Love and Profit Magazine!

“From the Bottom of my Heart”

When he converted to Islam, my Father received much criticism from his colleagues at the Faculty.

One of those well-educated college professors, in particular, was attacking him regularly. “I bet your beard itches, haha”, “You must be sweating like a pig under this turban, hihi”, the guy was full of awesome jokes (if you’re an 8 y.o.). My Dad ignored it and continued his daily duties as best as he could. One day, however, following a particularly nasty remark in front of the whole pedagogical team, he responded.

He stood up, walked toward the joker, grab him by the shoulders and gazed into his eyes. After letting an uncomfortable moment pass, he smiled and said: “Despite all the bad things you keep saying, I love You from the bottom of my heart”.
Then he walked back to his chair, leaving the joker and the rest of the team speechless.

He never received a negative comment regarding his appearance after that. In fact, he ended up becoming one of the university most influential and popular professors.

I like this story because he literally “disarmed {the other guy} with a smile”.
Those simple but powerful words completely throw through the window all the negative comments. More importantly, it took the motivation away from the opponent: why would he try to hurt somebody who loves him ‘from the bottom of his heart’.

Wanna try?

I don’t know if my father meant it, but I know for a fact that he got results from it…And so can you: next time someone is unpleasant to You, instead of looking for something witty to say, answer with Positivity.

Let’s say a cashier shouts at you because of a non-weighted celery. You could try to outsmart her or shout louder to “win” this argument. You could also look at her with kindness and tell her “I understand you’re having a bad day, I care for you, let’s forget the celery”. She probably doesn’t hear something like that often and you have good chance to get positive results (in addition to making her day).

You don’t necessarily have to go full “From the bottom of my heart”…but on the other hand, why not giving it a try?

Want more? Read the full article and other great content in the Love and Profit Blogazine.

Let me know what you thought about it, we’re preparing issue #2 for the end of February 🙂



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