Look at this horse.

Take a bit of time and look at it.

No really, you’re still thinking about what you were doing before opening this email.

Please look at it and let the emotions, the thoughts, the reaction come to the surface.

You’re entitled to your own perception of this piece of art.
This is a unique gift you have and no one else has it.

If you read on, I’ll give you my perception and interpretation of this Horse and it will taint yours.

So savor it while it’s pure.


Actually you know what, why don’t you write down what this Horse brought in you?

I mean before you read what’s coming.
Then you can put it in the comments and we can talk about it.

Sounds fun, I hope you’ll do it.

First thing first, this Horse is a creation of Prague based illustrator and comic books artist Anastasia Khaustova. You can see more of Anastasia’s work on her instagram @raw_pigment and big thanks to Her for giving me the permission to use her art.

I picked this Horse because it reminded me of the process of creation of Sans-Filter Sunday.

write and don’t look back.
Ok look back once, correct the typos then write on and send it.

At first I was skeptic about the horse because it looked scared, like running away from something.
But then I looked at his face and saw that he’s not.

I don’t know that I would call that peacefulness, but he certainly doesn’t look scared.

I also noticed that his hair have the same form as the flames. His hair could be black flames. A flame even starts from his tail in perfect continuity.

So I chose to interpret it as :

“this is not a horse, this is a flame horse”
(and I thought ‘wow, badass’)

He’s not running away from the flames. He is the flames.

Not to say that the flames can’t hurt him a bit.
Just like our muscles hurt a bit when we use them fully.

It’s just part of the process.

I like to imagine that the faster he runs, the more intense his flames get.

This is my experience with Sans-filter Sunday. The faster I write it, the more intense it gets because I don’t let the time to my inner critic to slow us down.

That’s why I picked that horse among all the great work of Anastasia.

But then there’s also the current situation of virus and confinement.

At first glance a burning horse can be seen as ‘wow something’s wrong here’, “there’s a problem”, “someone’s in pain” etc.

And a lot of folks out there consider the current situation to be painful, problematic or wrong.
And it certainly is for many of us.

I won’t serve you the usual “from challenge, comes opportunity” because:

  1. I read it everywhere online and probably so do you
  2. This is a recurring theme of the PeaCreaLive! show (every Tuesday & Friday 4pm CET on Facebook & Youtube)

For me the current situation is not a horse running in flame.

It’s a flame Horse stopping his race,
letting his flames rest
and peacefully walking toward a river among green pastures to drink.

And heal.

4 thoughts on “Look at this Horse – Sans-Filter Sunday

  1. mon animal préféré ! un air de liberté, crinière au vent, la fuite devant le danger

  2. love it!
    I drew that horse when I started to burn out, overschedule and not leaving a second to breathe.
    And I just wanted to draw horses. As a little girl I was obsessed with horses and I couldn’t not draw them. As I grew up I almost forgot that feeling. It slowly came back to me when I started to study art at my current university.
    To me it represents an unstoppable need to create, grow and experience.


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