Kaia Brown (@realkaiabrown) is the lead singer of N.O.H.A. , Amusement Park and performs in Prague Burlesque as the seductive but dangerous Coca Valente.
Kaia courageously tells us about the glamorous world of Burlesque, being a mum and how she navigates the gap in between.
An authentic interview for performers, parents, and anyone interested in building a career in the arts.

Life is a very complex series of moments that we can either grow from or be overwhelmed by.

Kaia Brown

Kaia talks about her journey from expat English teacher to dancing to singing and performing and shares how she adapted to another country’s environment.

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Show Notes

Kaia’s projects
Her Facebook page
N.O.H.A (Noise of Human Art ) (Facebook, Instagram)
Pressure – N.O.H.A. single, coming soon
Amusement Park
Prague Burlesque (Facebook, Instagram)

People (& bands) mentioned in the episode

Hanka Rihova
Doris Martinez
Tonya Graves
Tony Smarecka
Karl Barta
Jan Pares

Steakhouse orchestra

David Jan / Sonny Vargas (the Tits-man)
Marilyn Manson/Brian Warner
Dita Von Teese

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