If you’re bored with your life and you find it uninspiring but you want to create, go look at science websites… and you’ll be amazed.

– Jonas Zboril

Jonas Zboril (@jonaszboril) is the author of 2 books of poetry, 4 albums with his band Sundays On Clarendon Road and a regular contributor on Radio Wave shows Starter, Liberatura & Houpacky.

We talk about the struggle and beauties of being a creative dad, Jonas’ various projects and, of course, gravity (obviously).

Jonas is a long time friend and it was a pleasure to exchange with him on these topics. If you want insights on creativity, parenting or preparing for the end of the world, you’ll love this episode.

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Show Notes

Instagram: @jonaszboril
Twitter: /
Facebook: /
Website: coming soon

Sundays on Clarendon Road album:
Solid State  
Walking into Limbo

Jonas’ novella dvojmesti (coming soon)
Jonas’ second book of poetry Nova Divocina

radio wave

Zemědělské muzeum (laboratory of silence)

People (& bands) mentioned in the episode

Steakhouse Orchestra (Facebook)
Sundays on Clarendon Road (Instagram)
Honza Tuma
Thom Yorke
Burial’s Untrue
Phil Collins
Craig Mason script note

If I forgot something, please send me a line at arnaud@peacefulcreativity.com and I’ll complete it.

Thanks for Listening and as always, Peace!


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