The Ella Becker Interview brought back good memories from the gym and I think it’s time to reveal the fitness side of

The spiritual world encourages us to accept ourselves and our circumstances as they are.
And that’s great.

But I didn’t like being fat.
So I changed it.
Here’s how.

Note: I first wrote an article titled how to lose 15 kg of fat in 3 months and get a 6-pack eating Oreos which despite being nicely titled, was too long (even for my standards).
It turns out there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to fitness & nutrition from a peaceful perspective.

So I used the same technique as on Trying to Figure Out Rapping : I let the material grow even more then cut it into pieces.

The results, dear Readers, is the first Peaceful Creativity article-series: Peaceful Fitness.

How to lose 15 kg of fat in 3 months and get a 6 pack eating Oreos (introducing Peaceful Fitness)

In Peaceful Fitness, I’m bringing you the best, most actionable lessons I learned while:

  • going from a fatty 88kg to a lean 73kg in 3 months
  • getting those damn 6-packs
  • getting back to a muscled 88kg
  • nearly doubling my deadlift and greatly improving other exercises
  • and finally finding some balance.

I’ll also shared the pitfalls I encountered and the extra steps I could’ve skipped to similar results.
But, in the spirit of Simon Sinek, let’s Start with Why I cared in the first place

Why did I build a corpore sano to keep my mene sana

Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin phrase, usually translated as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.
I didn’t care that much about a healthy mind back in 2008 (all I wanted was becoming a Rockstar).
But I cared about not looking pregnant.

pregnant Arnaud
pregnant Arnaud …ouch (August 2008)

I was shocked when I saw this picture of me.
What had happened to the athletic young man I used to be less than 2 years prior?

wild youth Arnaud
wild youth Arnaud (Nov 2006) NOT a after picture

I’ll tell you what happened : moving to Prague, getting in a committed relationship, discovering smazaky, dumpling and Czech beers.

Seeing this pregnant picture of mine was what Tim Ferriss calls a “Harajuku moment”: the moment when I decided it had to change.

However, looking back at the pictures and workout spreadsheets, I was surprised to realize it took me 4 more years to get into shape.
I’ll explain why that is in part 2 All the wrong workouts (are you on one of them?).

Let’s see which other parts compose Peaceful Fitness.

Peaceful Fitness structure

In this series, we’ll talk about.

part 1: Please don’t workout for the wrong reason!

part 2: All the wrong workouts (are you on one of them?)

part 3: 6-pack, powder and Musculation à la Française – the Pros & Cons of the ‘good’ workouts I tried

part 4: Meal plans

part 5: Finding balance: How to get a body You’re proud of in less than 3hrs a week

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