You can be creative about creating an audience and creating a following and creating a community. It’s still the word “creating”. I mean, that’s what even business building and entrepreneurship is, it is creating something for someone else that they find valuable. It’s all creativity.

– Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane (@thegrahamCochrane) is a musician, sound engineer and the founder of the Recording Revolution which teaches millions of people how to produce better music..
We talk about how Graham turned his side project into a very profitable business, the parallels between online business and music promotion, the relationship between Christianity and money and much more. A short but packed episode with a lot of gems for entrepreneurs, musicians and theologians!

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Show Notes for episode #211 of the Peaceful Creativity Podcast with guest Graham Cochrane (@thegrahamCochrane)

Recording Revolution
Ramit Sethi  
Ill Factor  
Derek Sivers  


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