Don’t live in other’s people world […] and iron your shirts!

– The Nicks of Get Rich Nick

The Nicks of Get Rich Nick (@getrichnickpodcast) is are the comedic duo behind the podcast Get Rich Nick..

We talk about the various ways they made (or tried to make) money, how to develop chemistry while co-hosting a show, how to balance fun with reality and vulnerability and much more!

Whether you want to make money, have a good laugh or both or simply hear Nick V’s version of the Plato’s Cave Analogy, this episode is for you.

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Show Notes

The Nicks’s

Instagram: @getrichnickpodcast
Twitter: @getrichnickpod
Facebook: /
Website: GRN Website

They are mentioned in the episode

@nicksturner on all socials


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Thanks for Listening and as always, Peace!

Arnaud CZ


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