Ella Becker (@lifting.ella) is a  powerlifter, a rock drummer and a great soul.
In this very personal episode, we talk about Ella’s journey from substance abuse & depression to setting a world record, becoming European champion and more importantly, finding happiness.

Ella’s achievements are as inspiring as her vulnerability and the candidness with which she shares her story with us. We also talk about veganism, minimalism, dogs and how to move forward despite fear and self-doubt. A lesson which have been very useful for me and many listeners.


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Show Notes

Book about quitting smoking Allen Carr – the easy way

Ella’s powerlifting coach (who helped her become a champion in 5 months)

Inspiration for a minimalistic lifestyle https://www.theminimalists.com/
Ella recommends their documentary and podcasts

Ryan Holiday’s new book mentioned in the show Stillness is the Key

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3 thoughts on “Ella Becker – powerlifting, conscious living & journey from addiction to champion (PeaCreaPod #04)

  1. What a great story. And you two talking was very pleasant listening to. Like in the good old days, sitting next to you in the canteen and you just discussing “what not to eat”…


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