[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]I[/su_dropcap]n March 2017, probably influenced by my upcoming birthday and an awesome group of Leaders, I decided to redefine my Life Goals & Values. I wanted to use them as a compass to simplify my decision-making process: when in doubt concerning option A vs option B, I’d pick the one that’s the most in line with my Life Goals and Values.

Therefore, I started a thorough process of research, introspection, interviews & analysis which included:

Upon completion, I was satisfied with the resulting Life Goals and Values … but the process left me with a feeling of inefficiency. It took me weeks to complete, it was tiring, very intellectual (not emotional, nor spiritual), and overly complicated: a complete overkill.

3 weeks ago, I (re)defined my Life Goals & Values in about 2 hours (including a complete review of 2017) and felt totally satisfied with the results AND the process behind it.

How to define your Life Goals & Values in 2 hours?

How is this possible? What happened? Did I lower my research standards? Did I just botched the process and went


Not exactly (wouldn’t be very peaceful, would it? :D) … Instead, I changed my mindset.

In this article, I want to address:

  • what was useful in the thorough 2017 research of Life Goals and Values;
  • what wasn’t (and why);
  • the process I used in 2018, and finally
  • the mindset change that saved me so much time and nerve.

A little experiment, here: We don’t know each other very well yet, you and I. I’m not sure you’re into this kind of material and it takes a long time to write properly …  so let’s talk: if you guys want me to complete this article, let me know in the comments or the contact section of Peaceful Creativity and I’ll happily do it. Meanwhile, Peace!


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