Creative Leadership offers workshops, team building and 1-1 coaching to organizations and individual leaders.
Our programs span across the 3 pillars of our expertise: Creativity, Leadership and Peace of Mind.

Programs offered in Czech, French or English


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Creativity, Leadership and Peace of Mind

Our 3 pillars Creativity, Leadership, Peace of Mind are aimed to solve modern companies’ problems:

You feel there is a lack of creativity: innovations don’t appear in organizations without new ideas.

Stressed man frustrated with electronic devices in office

Your colleagues are not motivated to make efforts and you know that the traditional ways of motivating your team members are shaky.

Absence of cooperation between team members at your company.

Friendly woman embracing hopeless man in tears with groupmates on background

Workers complain about unhealthy atmosphere and lack of understanding.

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The level of stress reached maximum and you don’t know how to resist it.

Examples of programs

Wide Angle Vision

For those who need to open horizons and avoid misunderstanding between collaborators or colleagues 

Work Together, Create Together

For innovative boom through deep and creative cooperation of your team members

The Peaceful Workplace

For turning an organization into harmonious workplace with handled emotional & communication spaces

Release from blocks for individual leaders

As an individual you may feel general problems of your company, but also be stressed about personal issues 

You feel tied up by your boss/client/colleagues and other people or circumstances, and this doesn’t let you to follow the necessary direction and make correct decisions

You feel overwhelmed and stressed almost on a daily basis. Your work is becoming disorganized and you need to find a harmonious way to solve problems of all levels

At this point you feel lost and you try to search for solutions. You ask yourself about how you can speed up, how you can balance, how you can motivate yourself and others

There is the solution

Take your leadership and stress-resistance skills to the next level with individual coaching. You can receive personal feedback on your situation at work and in life generally, get another point of view and then implement techniques which would release you from blocks. 
High position means big responsibilities, but it shouldn’t include lost of balance, insecurities and stress. 


  • First hand experience from 20+ years in the creative industry (music, event), IT, Marketing, Airlines and Retail Sales businesses. Prestigious collaborators (Bohemia Interactive, Michal Horacek, Czech TV & Radio etc.)
  • taught 20 director-level leaders in Care (an international nonprofit organization improving the standard of living and human rights) in how to coach others. So they could create an internal culture of mentorship and people development.
  • helped ISP (International Study Programs) redo their values from scratch, involving the whole organization. This project gave every person in the company input into the culture of the company, so people felt like they have initative in the company and make a difference
  • partnership with household names like TNM coaching & Proctor-Gallagher Institute

Our team

Coach and Trainer

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Coach and Trainer

Click on picture to learn more about the trainer

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Designer and Online marketing

Some of our collaborators:

Jonas Zboril
Creative Writing,
Poetry Magnesia Litera, price Jiriho Ortena

Martin Newham
 Architect and Visual Artist, currently exhibiting at Visionary

Donatien Sade

Antoan Pepelanov
Photography, film “Nejsledovanejsi”,
“Extreme Interviews” with Lucie Vyborna

Nicolas Mourniac
Psychologue Clinicien

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Guillaume Petit-Jean
French National
Champion of Memory
Proctor Gallagher Institute

Zuzana Sandova
Body & Voice Coach

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Jiří Melničuk
Crisis Manager, worked for 
UniCredit Bank, Honeywell, Genesis Capital


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Wide Angle Vision

“[I loved to] Tap into the river of ideas when you’re about to give a Table Topic – this one was great”
Toastmaster Conference attendee

Workshop/Seminar/Training/Team Building

Sometimes, being hyper specialized can be a problem.

When you no longer understand the requirements of your collaborators, when you automatically deny criticism if it comes to another department, it’s time to activate Wide Angle Vision.

Using principle of NVC, role-play, metta meditation and practical exercises, this program will open the horizons of your specialists and give your leaders a bird’s eye view of the situation.

Work Together, Create Together

“It was very interesting and useful. Arnaud talks very clearly and it is easy to understand him and do the exercises well. Very good experience. “
Julien, Shop Manager – Chez Greg

Workshop/Seminar/Training/Team Building

Have your team members express themselves, develop cooperation and have fun through creative activities.

Whether it’s the realization of Music, Podcast, Visual Design or Writing art, this program will help build a feeling of cohesion in your team…and might generate some useful innovative ideas in the process.
Great for PR as well. 

The Peaceful Workplace

“I found [The Peaceful Workplace workshop] to be helpful, as I not only learned something myself, I also got to witness other people’s reactions and their ability to communicate and express their opinion”
Kate, Shop Manager – Chez Greg

Workshop/Seminar/Training/Team Building/Coaching

Peacefulness in the workplace brings harmonious communication, performance, well-being and a sense of purpose to your team members. Additionally it develops support and collaboration in terms of knowledge & competences.

Turning your company into a Peaceful Workplace requires for the physical, emotional & communicational spaces to be consciously handled.  And that’s what this program is all about.


  • 20+ years in the creative, IT and event industry
  • 5+ years of meditation
  • Collaborated with Neil Strauss, Michal Horacek & Bara Basikova
  • Leadership of creative projects since 1998 

Languages: French/English/Czech

Really useful workshop, especially for companies, we spoke about the positive and negative sides, so now we know where to focus our efforts. Thank you Arnaud!

Olga, Retail Specialist


  • 7+ years into work with high-consciousness leadership, team engagement, handling conflict
  • Worked with dozens of organizations in 6 different countries
  • Facilitated a workshop for 60 leaders at a time at a Fortune 100 company

Languages: English/Language of the Heart

David is a strong strategic leader and 360 progressive mentor and coach. He can extract insights from a wealth of data to determine the best approach to solve a challenge. ​

Diane M. – Director, Sales and Marketing