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Collaborative Creativity!

My friend David from Love and Profit gave me the opportunity to write an article for the first issue of the Love and Profit online Magazine (or “Blogazine”)… I love collaborative creativity and jumped on the occasion!

The theme of the first issue is “preparing a magic 2018”. Each author was free to contribute their preferred way, under the guidance of David.

I wrote about how, after all these years, Human interaction remains one of the most magical experience there is.

Below is a sample to put you in appetite, read the full article and other great content in the Love and Profit Magazine!

Everybody’s cool

I used to think that not everybody was cool.

I’d feel like I was losing my time if I wasn’t talking to the hottest lady, the most door-opening client or the most influential person in the company.

Of course, that’s complete bullshit or rather an ineffective self-told story and I’m glad I got rid of it because ditching it brought me the biggest gig I ever had as a video game composer.

In 2013 I launched my first website and became serious about being a freelance music maker. I wasn’t sure where to start so I chose the hard path (I’m not proud of it): I spent hours mapping the VG companies in the Czech Republic, cold-contacting them, following-up ad nauseam … and got to close to no results.

​During my research, I stumbled upon Kubatko, a fellow VG composer whose work I really enjoyed. I mailed to let him know, he answered, we chit-chat and I forgot about the exchange.

Years later, I was invited by Bohemia Interactive (makers of Arma & Day-Z) to score a new project. It resulted in a 2-year collaboration under very good conditions both creatively and financially.

When I asked why they contacted me they said that they usually work with Kubatko who was busy and recommended me.

58 companies contacted individually and the biggest gig comes from the 1 time I reached out for the sake of human interaction. Isn’t it magic?

Want more? Read the full article and other great content in the Love and Profit Blogazine.

Let me know what you thought about it, we’re preparing issue #2 for the end of February 🙂



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