How to build healthy habits during confinement – feat food coach Michelle Seidling PhD

David Papa, Michelle Seidling from Food Experience Unplugged and I talk about healthy habits, how to build them, keep them and enjoy them despite the obstacles.

those guys def’ built the habit of smiling!

Show notes

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Shout-out of the episode

Poem ‘Deutschland fm’ by Alena Miklasova

A poignant poem about life through obstacles which will resonate in current climate.

Your Peaceful Holidays with Arnaud and David

The holiday season can be challenging: it’s a time of reflection, meeting with the extended family and of course there’s the ‘joy’ of gift making…
It’s no surprise that 40% of people report that ‘the holidays suck’ and that the break up rate is at its highest point of the year.
So David and I decided to do something about it…

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