When the creativity source is dry

This weekend, I heard about a dude who wrote 5 books in 2 years while having a day job.
An impressive display of creative output.

Yet, as a creativity coach, people regularly approach me to address their “creative blocks”.
One of them recently told me  ‘the little stories stopped forming in my head’. Having myself experienced times in my life when the ‘little stories’ (or little melodies) stopped, I know the kind of despair it can put on a creative person.

I’ve wrote about Writer’s block in the past but today I’ll focus on times when it feels like nothing comes to mind, the desert, in other words: when the creativity source is dry.

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Alca Miklasova – unusual writing tips, living an authentic life, and how to get a Hollywood screenplay commission on the bus (PeaCreaPod #03)

Alca Miklasova (@alena_miklasova) is a poet, published author and a self-described creative spiritual being. This episode is filled with tips and techniques for writers and creators in general. We talk about her ‘year of living an authentic life’ experiment, why Division inspires her work and the crazy story of how she met an LA movie producer (who commissioned her a screenplay).

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Love and Profit Blogazine #2! Love as a strategy

Love as a strategy

We did it again! For the second issue of Love and Profit Blogazine, we tackle the subject of Love! Not the Love of Woodstock or Valentine’s Day: love as a strategy. You’ll find stories and practical tips on how You can use this incredible energy to live better.

David from Love and Profit put together a great team of writers that delivered really good and useful content. I’m really honored to have been included in this project.

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Collaborative Creativity! Love and Profit Blogazine #1

Editor’s note: the guest-post mentioned here is now offline because the host website closed…but don’t worry: I scheduled a repost for December 2019. If you can’t wait until then, subscribe (link down below) and send me an email and I’ll send you the full article already.

Collaborative Creativity!

My friend David from Love and Profit gave me the opportunity to write an article for the first issue of the Love and Profit online Magazine (or “Blogazine”)… I love collaborative creativity and jumped on the occasion!

The theme of the first issue is “preparing a magic 2018”. Each author was free to contribute their preferred way, under the guidance of David.

I wrote about how, after all these years, Human interaction remains one of the most magical experience there is.
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