When the creativity source is dry

This weekend, I heard about a dude who wrote 5 books in 2 years while having a day job.
An impressive display of creative output.

Yet, as a creativity coach, people regularly approach me to address their “creative blocks”.
One of them recently told me  ‘the little stories stopped forming in my head’. Having myself experienced times in my life when the ‘little stories’ (or little melodies) stopped, I know the kind of despair it can put on a creative person.

I’ve wrote about Writer’s block in the past but today I’ll focus on times when it feels like nothing comes to mind, the desert, in other words: when the creativity source is dry.

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Abe Lincoln’s technique to easily create tracks (and kill Writer’s Block)

Did you know that J.K. Rowling took 5 years to create and develop every last detail of the Harry Potter world?
THEN she actually sat and started writing.
If you want to easily create tracks, you gotta listen to Abraham Lincoln:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Going to a new place without setting the GPS or taking a map seems adventurous at best and more likely dangerous or irresponsible…Yet it’s often what we do when we start a new track.
There’s the spark, the drive to create and we just go for it without planning.
Sometimes it works and it’s beautiful (the creative genius, right?) but other times, we end up stuck in the middle and drop the project.
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Don’t cheat on Live with Reaper: Ableton Live 9 and video, how to make it work

[su_dropcap style=”light” size=”3″]H[/su_dropcap]ave you ever been in a relationship where you love everything about the other person…except one detail?

It’s not enough to stop the relation of course…but every time this thing (let’s say she doesn’t like Deerhoof) comes up, it makes you question everything.

Well, I love everything about Ableton Live 9…except the way it deals with video.

Live was for live performance only, then it was for electronic musicians only…but it has now evolved into a multi-function machine (like all the other DAW, arguably).
Still, Ableton Live 9 and video are not a winning team which apparently helps Reaper becoming the industry standard for game audio.

I considered being unfaithful to my beloved Live 9 and go with the slanderous Reaper…but then decided to rather invest in the relationship. The support who just blew my mind with their professionalism. I had such a nice combination of problems that I now have a full roadmap to help You with:

  • why Ableton Live 9 can’t import video files (the forbidden symbol and the “File could not be read…” error message)
  • what to do when the video remains black (and a cool workaround if nothing else work)
  • how to deal with sluggish videos

So ditch the mistress and let’s reconciliate Ableton Live 9 with video!

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Why Defining my Life Goals & Values took 2 weeks in 2016 and 2 hours in 2017

[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]I[/su_dropcap]n March 2017, probably influenced by my upcoming birthday and an awesome group of Leaders, I decided to redefine my Life Goals & Values. I wanted to use them as a compass to simplify my decision-making process: when in doubt concerning option A vs option B, I’d pick the one that’s the most in line with my Life Goals and Values.

Therefore, I started a thorough process of research, introspection, interviews & analysis which included:

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Depression can be your ally, here’s why

January 19th: Depression Day

Every January 19th, I experience a mild form of depression.

For the scientist, it’s a vitamin D deficiency;
For the sociologist, it’s the aftermath of the Xmas season;
For Michael Brown’s The Presence Process, it’s a bunch of emotional charges from the past in need of integration;
For me, it’s f*cking annoying…

…or rather, it used to be until the morning of January 19th, 2018.

As I was reflecting on this year’s installment of the Depression Monster franchise, I realized something: Big D isn’t a blood-thirsty monster like Jason or Mike Myers. He’s actually an ally who can help me be a better person.
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