Your Peaceful Holidays with Arnaud and David

The holiday season can be challenging: it’s a time of reflection, meeting with the extended family and of course there’s the ‘joy’ of gift making…
It’s no surprise that 40% of people report that ‘the holidays suck’ and that the break up rate is at its highest point of the year.
So David and I decided to do something about it…

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David Papa – Love in the corporate world, Enlightenment & Suicide (PeaCreaPod #02)

David Papa ( is a corporate coach, spiritual leader & an amazing friend.
In this eventful episode, we talk about his mission to bring Love to the Corporate World, an amazing experience of Oneness he experienced drug-free…and Suicide.

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Scott Frazier – Guidance, Reactive Art & Living under a bridge (PeaCreaPod #01)

What! A podcast ? This guy is craaazy!
Well, not as crazy as You if you don’t listen to this amazing interview with the amazing Scott Frazier!

Scott is a coach, spiritual teacher and one of the happiest person I know. We talk about Meditation and the best way to start (surprising advice!), Guidance, the amazing things that happen when you follow it, the story of Peaceful Creativity, living under a bridge and much more.

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Don’t cheat on Live with Reaper: Ableton Live 9 and video, how to make it work

[su_dropcap style=”light” size=”3″]H[/su_dropcap]ave you ever been in a relationship where you love everything about the other person…except one detail?

It’s not enough to stop the relation of course…but every time this thing (let’s say she doesn’t like Deerhoof) comes up, it makes you question everything.

Well, I love everything about Ableton Live 9…except the way it deals with video.

Live was for live performance only, then it was for electronic musicians only…but it has now evolved into a multi-function machine (like all the other DAW, arguably).
Still, Ableton Live 9 and video are not a winning team which apparently helps Reaper becoming the industry standard for game audio.

I considered being unfaithful to my beloved Live 9 and go with the slanderous Reaper…but then decided to rather invest in the relationship. The support who just blew my mind with their professionalism. I had such a nice combination of problems that I now have a full roadmap to help You with:

  • why Ableton Live 9 can’t import video files (the forbidden symbol and the “File could not be read…” error message)
  • what to do when the video remains black (and a cool workaround if nothing else work)
  • how to deal with sluggish videos

So ditch the mistress and let’s reconciliate Ableton Live 9 with video!

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Love and Profit Blogazine #2! Love as a strategy

Love as a strategy

We did it again! For the second issue of Love and Profit Blogazine, we tackle the subject of Love! Not the Love of Woodstock or Valentine’s Day: love as a strategy. You’ll find stories and practical tips on how You can use this incredible energy to live better.

David from Love and Profit put together a great team of writers that delivered really good and useful content. I’m really honored to have been included in this project.

The article didn’t come as easily as the one I wrote in “preparing a magic 2018”  but in the end, it helped me understand better Love and my relationship toward it… Yes love as a strategy DO make sense !)  Continue reading “Love and Profit Blogazine #2! Love as a strategy”