The hardest is to know what you need to work on. Once it’s identified, it’s just a matter of putting the work in and accepting that it might take a day, it might take a year, it might take 5 years…but as long as you’re moving toward that big goal, doesn’t really matter how long it takes.

– Bastien Benkhelil

Bastien Benkhelil (@anomalysound) is a sound designer, foley artist & composer based in North Hollywood..

We talk about His incredible story from a small city in the south of France to Hollywood and collaboration with Sigur Ros, the Foo Fighter, Clara Delevingne, Terrence Malick, Rihanna and many many more.

This is the first part of my conversation with Bastien. We focus on his path and incredible encounters over a career spanning nearly 2 decades. Bastien is the proof that everything is possible if you put your energy to it. The second part will be more geared toward the life philosophy that brought him to this incredible level of success.

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Show Notes


Instagram: @anomalysound
Twitter: @anomalyprod
Facebook: @anomalysound

They are mentioned in the episode


the entreprise – studio build by Barbara Streisand
the simpsons
family guys
king of the hill

Dan Wallin

Smartsound software

Filipa Price

Rihanna savage x panty


Clara Delavingne

Terence Malik ‘a hidden life

I spit on your grave 2

american psycho

the elder scrolls



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Thanks for Listening and as always, Peace!


2 thoughts on “Bastien Benkhelil – Sound, Technology and Working with Rihanna (PeaCreaPod 205)

  1. Great listen, I especially loved the part how we expect certain sounds, even though they’re not real, just because some big movies “branded” them.

    1. yes! swords don’t sound like swords IRL 🙂
      Thanks for listening! Part 2 of this interview will be out within 2 months


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