A.ron Hubbard (@BaldMove) is a podcaster, author and co-creator of the BaldMove.com podcast network.

Baldmove’s impressive catalogue of pop-culture podcasts was downloaded over 60 millions times, with their Game of Thrones show reaching the #1 spot on the american itunes chart.

A feat even more impressive considering that A.ron and his co-host (and Baldmove co-creator) Jim Jones were raised as members of a religious cult forbidding most tv-shows & movies.

We talk about how he escaped the cult and started his life over from scratch, his book Gods of Thrones on the religions of Game of Thrones and of cours, the art of podcasting.

Since we recorded the episode A.ron, Jim and Cecily launched a new network titled SwizzBold (swizzbold.com). It’s really interesting to hear them talk about something else than pop culture, namely politics and life issue so I highly recommend it.

Trivia: this is my favorite episode intro so far, I really had fun with this one, let me know if you felt it!

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Show Notes

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/baldmove
Website http://baldmove.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/baldmove

About Page including QnA and the Jehovah’s Witness podcast http://baldmove.com/about/

Empire Business, Baldmove’s behind the curtain podcast

Mr Robot podcast
American Horror Stories podcast
Rick & Morty podcast (I especially love this one! )
Watchmen podcast | HBO show | Comic book
Leftover podcast

A.ron’s book on the religions of Game of Thrones Gods of Thrones

Ford vs Ferrari
Won’t you be my neighbor
The War of the Roses
Beyond burgers
Mad Max

People mentioned in the episode

Thomas Jefferson
Damon Lindelof
Alan Moore
Patreon’s ceo (who looks like me :p )
Robert Redford
David Chen
Malcolm X
David Hasseloff

If I forgot something, please send me a line at arnaud@peacefulcreativity.com and I’ll complete it. 

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