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– Exact tools and tactics to liberate Creativity in any area of your Life

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About Arnaud CZ

Arnaud is a Coach in Creativity & Peace of Mind and the founder of Certified in Positive Psychology and a former student of Neil Strauss, Arnaud coached and taught dozens of humans since 2004, incorporating meditaton to his work since 2015.
As a music producer he’s worked with Michal Horacek, the Czech national Radio, Bohemia Interactive, Bara Basikova, Universal music…
He’s also a happy (but sometimes struggling) dad of 2 and a geek who shamelessly enjoys memes and pop culture.

About David Papa

David Papa uses body-mind coaching to help clients reconnect with emotional peace, personal resilience, authentic communication, and intuitive action. Since a life-altering event in 2013, he’s lived in multiple countries and coached several hundreds of people from all over the world toward their own internal wisdom, happiness, and purpose at home and at work. He’s studied spirituality since 1999, and if you can distract him from his books, meditations, and ideas of being a sci-fi writer, he will probably coach you.

You taught me how to do things properly and focus on the details. You also opened my horizon on goals, way past what I initially thought was possible.

MIROSLAVComposer ‘Instinkt’ (Warner)

[Arnaud’s coaching] is a new breath, where nothing is imposed centered on the discovery of ourselves, our bodies, our thoughts. Step by step, we find back what used to matter to us, thanks to his tools. He helps us find our peace of mind and spend time with ourselves.

ALIXMarketing Professional

I recommend Arnaud warm-heartedly to anyone looking to dig deeper into their intuitive and creative self. Many thanks for your kindness, support and efficiency!

Alpha & Eureka

Arnaud is professional music producer, amazing creative mind and trustworthy business partner. I give my best recommendations.

DRAGANRadio Free Europe