Your Inner Artist Needs You. And You Need It Too.

Where has your childlike wonder, play, and creativity gone? It's still there. Waiting to enhance your work, relationships, and expression.

We bring together success-focused people to reconnect with the playful genius of their Inner Artist, so that they can have more fun and fulfillment in every area of life.

You Are Not Alone. Almost All Of Us Lose Our Inner Artist At Some Point In Our Lives.

We believe we can't do our joyful art as a career or make money from it, so we ditch it for more "adult" concerns. We believe we aren't creative enough there are other people better. We see it as a waste of time. It's not going to go anywhere, we'll only be disappointed, and possibly even laughed at when people see it. We believe essentially that our inner art is worthless in our lives. No matter how successful we are, losing our Inner Artist leads to joylessness, dissatisfaction, purposelessness, and boredom. Isn't it time to get this part of you back? 


When We Are Disconnected From Our Inner Artist:

Fulfillment Level
Creativity Level
Peace of Mind Level
  1. 1
    You are successful, but you always feel like something is still missing in your life
  2. 2
    You feel like you never truly play, you can't even say what play really looks like for you.
  3. 3
    You have an important part of you not being seen or appreciated by others
  4. 4
    You do well at work, but feel like you live a pretty boring life, there is not enough fun and joy  
  5. 5
    You are filling your free time by consuming tons of social media, TV series, games, and movies, but not creating anything yourself
  6. 6
    You feel emotionally constipated, the same emotions feel stuck inside
  7. 7
    You aren't really building any skills you are truly proud to have
  8. 8
    You feel like you don’t have a purpose and passion
  9. 9
    You feel like you are not living a life that is true for you


 When We Reconnect With Our Inner Artist:

Fulfillment Level
Creativity Level
Peace of Mind Level
  1. 1
    We get to keep our success, and add fulfillment.
  2. 2
    The sense of play comes through in our art and starts extending to all areas of our life. We learn how to play again.
  3. 3
    We find fun ways to share our gifts with others, new relationships come that appreciate our weirdness
  4. 4
    We regain that child-like wonder that makes life fascinating, we have fun with it, and we become more fascinating to other people
  5. 5
    We have a fun project we can play with in our spare-time that creates something for the world, instead of consumes it
  6. 6
    We are able to examine, express, and heal a wider range of emotion with ourselves and others
  7. 7
    We are building creative skills we love, and these improve our other skills in work and relationships
  8. 8
    We might actually discover a true talent and purpose within us that leads to all new opportunities in our lives
  9. 9
    We develop a peaceful relationship with who we really are, and we learn to live from that place. [Big peaceful sigh]

What Could Your Inner Artist Bring Your Life? Can You Afford To NOT Try It? 

Do you want end this life without ever even testing and playing with the creativity you are capable of? No matter what form it takes, "big" or "small", it doesn't matter. It's part of your unique contribution. It's joy. It's one of the ways you heal. We need it now more than ever. 

"Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence." - Osho

Arnaud's Inner Art Story

Arnaud CZ, Co-Founder Peaceful Creativity

My story isn't clean cut like a movie, it's a work in progress. I connected with my Inner Artist the first time I touched a guitar back in 1995ish. It was immediate. It sounded nice, it felt right, my intuition told me it'd get me p*ssy (it did). I discovered music production the following year and never stopped since then.

For 15+ years my obsession was 'I want to be a rock star' and 'I want to live from the music'. I didn't care about anything else because I "knew" that once I hit those milestones I would finally be happy and be okay. By 29 I had reached my second dream and lived from the music as a video game composer. The year I turned 30 I reached the first dream and toured Europe with Steakhouse Orchestra, playing in my home town in the best venue in front of all my friends and family to critical and financial success.

That same year I also realized that I'd been missing out on all the good stuff of life along the way. I pushed myself too hard, and I pushed my happiness always into the future, always chasing that next big thing. I "got" the thing, and still unfulfilled. That hurt real bad. In my years of trance, I lost track of my inner artist. I replaced him with metrics of success: audience size, money, number of downloads. I knew there had to be a better way.

I created Peaceful Creativity with a mission for people to create the life they want while enjoying the process. Happiness isn't in the future. It can be now.
Metrics of success don't make you happy. They might bring brief pleasure. But connecting with your inner artist brings you Joy right now, and it still creates awesome stuff in the future.

Arnaud proved to be a real pro. Working efficient and fast, delivering great iterations and shipping OST with SFX for our game in a really short time span - it was a pleasure to work with him.

UX designer

Better than a psychologist, Arnaud guides us and makes us find some keys to better understand each other and go to where we want life to go. A thousand thanks.


Thanks to Arnaud I was able to become aware of everything after which I was running, and which was already there. Thank you for this benevolent, fine and intelligent coaching, focused on my writing blockages.Today I feel how things are going back to their right place, in order to free myself as a creator and an artist.Thank you Arnaud.


David's Inner Art Story

David Papa, Co-Founder Peaceful Creativity

Growing up, I was always writing stories, performing in funny videos with friends, and hosting eventsEven in university I studied creative writing. It was great. But after university, "practicality" "started eating my brain.

Hypnotized by false beliefs, I didn't think fiction or performance could be a career. I abandoned my Inner Art and joined an advertising firm. I rationalized it by saying I needed to make money, and maybe I could still get to be creative. Not so. I spent many years trying to find satisfaction by switching jobs, getting an MBA, working in purpose-driven business. None of it was working for me. Eventually I just left it all. I quit my job, I pressed pause on my relationship, and I moved to a different country. I gave myself 3 months to figure out what I really wanted to do. People around me said I was crazy. 

It took me several weeks to get out of my old thinking. I soon found myself drawing crappy pictures, I was reading like crazy, I was playing games with reckless abandon, and I was journaling, meditating, and doing yoga. Soon I got the idea to volunteer at a spiritual center and I tried all kinds things. This went on for weeks. Then one day, in a meditation, I suddenly saw that one of my arts was personal transformation. This led me to creating a coaching business from nothing, and that's still my work today! It was the inner exploration and childlike creativity that opened the door to see this. And it did not stop there. 

Several years into coaching my Inner Artist started calling me again. I did an exercise that I give my clients called Your Proud History. I realized, after everything I had achieved, that one of the proudest moments of my life had to do with me being on stage when I was a teenager. I was shocked. I did nothing at first because it still felt silly to pursue it. But I knew I had to. I signed up for a comedy improv course. In that very first class, it was like an entire, sleeping part of my being was suddenly alive. Soon, "by coincidence," I was invited into a comedy group called Script for Brains. I started performing twice a month. The group asked me to be the host of our shows! I love it. It's so much fun. It has also made me a better coach and a better relationship partner!

Now I'm exploring another long lost piece of my Inner Artist, fiction writing, and I'll be sharing all the bumps and bruises for your enjoyment in our Peaceful Creativity Community. I want to help more people have the experience I had. Our Inner Creative drive is not a coincidence, it's an essential part of us that leads to a better life. Let's explore this together. 

I found interacting with David very useful for my professional development. I wish I could have had more time with him. It helped me learn how to understand my own motivations and how to use that to be more effective (instead of always battling my weaknesses).

Mike F.
Deputy Regional Director, International Nonprofit

David, your in-person sessions have been f***ing incredible! Thank you for them. One of your sessions opened my throat and I was able to speak differently at work, and another session opened me up to a new opportunity that brought me to LA.

Eric C.
Entrepreneur, Author

Hi David, I just want to thank you again for the fabulous training sessions. I would say it’s the best virtual training I have had so far. I love the concept about ‘experiments’, I believe ‘you can only absorb theories after practice’. And I really liked the course contents.

Daisy H.
Business Controller and Manager

How To Reconnect With Your Inner Artist

(And Solve Several Life Problems All At Once)

The Peaceful Creativity Process

Step 1: Replay

You start to uncover the Inner Artist that has been buried inside you. You use our gentle exercises like journaling, mindfulness, and history-taking to coax your Inner Artist out of hiding and back into your awareness. Then you just play. It's a game. There are no rules and no goals. It is important at this stage to hold pure curiosity. What if there really is an Artist inside you?

Step 2: Befriend

Once you've found your Inner Artist, you need to get to know it. It has a lot to say, but it might be shy at first. Don't rush. You use our community to hang out together, create together, and share together. You learn how it feels to be with each other and what each of you likes. There is no pressure here. There is no need for anything specific to happen. You have a new (old) friend, just get to know them and see what they are bringing to your life.

Step 3: Partner

Your Inner Art is now one of your best friends. You've seen the incredible fun, peace, and creativity it brings to your work, home, and social life. You can't imagine how you lived without it. You decide you want to go as far and as deep as this relationship will take you. You are fully in it together. Who knows what you might create together and give to the world?

Step 4: Identify

At this point you are so grateful for where your Inner Artist has taken you. Big joys, new experiences, opportunities, relationships, and life lessons. You had an effect on people. You added a little beauty to life in some way. You say thank you, and suddenly you realize that your Inner Artist is not actually a part of you, it is the Real You. You found a more true version of You. You now proudly call yourself an Artist, and people see it in you wherever you go.  

Loving the podcast, thoughtful, beautiful, so much information on something as fragile as creativity and meditation


Hi David, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! The video you made inspired me so much. I’ve been stuck and thinking too much, and you’re advice was the most insightful so far in this process. So for that I am grateful and I wanted to thank you deeply.

Nicky K.
Social Entrepreneur, Storyteller

Arnaud helped me get unstuck with my creativity and make progress with my different projects


Kris's Inner Art Story

Kristina Rosokha

Creative Director 

Peaceful Creativity

As a child, Kristina tried dancing, singing, playing the piano and writing, but she immediately realized that she was in love with drawing. Every day Kristina was hurrying to get to home quickly after school, and start drawing something new! It was connecting herself with her Self.

Then life went in another direction. She began to study history full-time at university. Kris slowly realized that she had lost her joy and motivation, so she took a bold move. She quit university and start drawing again. People thought she was crazy.

But she suddenly felt more alive. It was such an amazing reconnection with her inner art! She decided she never wanted to leave it again, and she would even pursue it as a career. However, Kris faced many difficulties on her artist's way. She had to work with other people's expectations, that she had to find some "normal" job. She had to fight her "impostor syndrome". She compared her art with works of other artists and was upset about her skills. Kris began to earn some money from art commissions, but she stopped enjoying the process very soon. She had to force herself to create for money, and it felt more like a boring unpleasant job. It was burnout.

Then she had an insight, what if not all my art is paid? What if I save some art just for myself? Now she learns new handmade techniques, that are not bringing money; she keeps it as something to reconnect with her inner artist and her joy in creating has returned.

As an artist who makes living from her art, Kristina learnt one important lesson: it is absolutely necessary to create art as a child. Playfully and with love. Even if your profession is creative, you may lose this bond with an inner child, an inner artist. Kristina is still working with it, and ready to do it together with others who may feel the same.