Find Your peace of mind and let the Creativity Flow!
Peaceful Creativity (PeaCrea) helps Creatresses, Creators & Innovative Organization do both through coaching, trainings, podcast, articles & live shows.

The Vision of Peaceful Creativity

Help 100 000 people find their peace, express themselves and lead creatively. Free from frustration, they can embrace their creative nature and spread the positivity, live a conscious life … and end the suffering of innocent.

Peaceful Creativity comes from a deep need of expression. I believe it is why I was sent on earth. Here are the thoughts behind it.

The ‘Why’ of Peaceful Creativity

The magic lamp I don’t have 

If i had a magic lamp and could make 1 wish, I would end the suffering of innocent beings. Children & Animals first. I’m not sure why but for me, this is the most unbearable thing in existence. I don’t have a magic lamp but, as we all do, I have energy, time and money so I want to do something about this.


There are many ways of going after the project. I chose to do it through my Ikigai.

My Ikigai is Peace of Mind & Creativity:
I am GOOD AT Creativity (20+ years in the game, many achievements) and Peace of Mind (organization, meditation, time management, finance etc.)
I LOVE and am passionate about learning more and getting better at Creativity & Peace of Mind
the World NEEDS Creativity (both individuals and organization) and Peace of Mind
I can be PAID FOR Creativity and Peace of Mind

Artboard 1

Ikigai comes from Japan and there they say that if you live your life according to your Ikigai, the Universe will help you because you’re doing exactly what you should be doing. Just like a fox in the wood is doing exactly what he should be doing: being a fox.

The Ripple Effect

I believe in the Ripple Effect as coined by Shawn Achor.
It basically says that good bring good.

Ripple effect application 1: The oxygen Mask

I heard this great metaphor on helping others the other day (from Tony Robbins): If you’re on a plane and something bad happens, what are you to do?
First put your oxygen mask, then put the oxygen mask of the people around you.
So in my quest for an innocent suffering free future, I start by putting an oxygen mask.
By following my Ikigai, 
I’m happier and more at peace, 
   people around me are happier and more at peace,
       people around them are happier and more at peace,
           people around them are happier and more at peace
And so on.
Happy, peaceful people don’t make the innocent suffer.

Ripple effect application 2: My gift to the world

By spreading a message of peace of mind & creativity among my clients
They are happier and more at peace, 
    people around them are happier and more at peace,
        people around them are happier and more at peace, etc.
Happy, peaceful people don’t make the innocent suffer.

The 'Who' of Peaceful Creativity

Hi, my name is Arnaud.

I created Peaceful Creativity and wrote the text you’ve just read.

I spent half of my life running after dreams instead of living them.

Peaceful Creativity is my living dream.


Hello, I am David.

8 years into his first career, I had a disturbing realization: despite achieving my “goals” I was one of the 80% of people unfulfilled in work and life!

After exploring, studying and working with hundreds of people for 7 years I’ve become an expert in high-consciousness leadership and resilience. I blended science and spirituality into own method. And found myself in it.

Hi, I’m Kris!

And I am a combination of different interests.

I am an artist and a graphic designer with huge interest in marketing and target advertisement, trying to live in harmony with myself and wonderful world around. 

I love people with passion, and that’s why I am here. Peaceful Creativity caught me.


Hi, I’m Alix.

I design some cool stuff for Peaceful Creativity, making marketing and some little tricks and spells…

I spend my time in a little messy space to create, draw, design, write, imagine my own little artistic universe…

A potion for the soul! ​

The 'You' of Peaceful Creativity

You are an individual

YOU want to reach a goal, free yourself from a burden, free your creativity, find your peace of mind and take the lead in your life
YOU want to listen to the podcast
YOU want to listen AD-FREE to the podcast, and get exclusive content in your mailbox once or twice a week + “the 3 steps method for increased peace of mind pdf”

You are an organization

YOU want to train your leaders and team members to bring creative leadership & peace of mind to your organization.
YOU already know and want more information on training.

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