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About Us

Helping you find peace of mind and full creative expression

Arnaud CZ

So many people spend their life running after a success that they think will make them happy, only to be disappointed and confused by what they find once they achieve it. Arnaud spent 15 years running after 2 mirages he called "I want to be a rock star" and "I want to live from the music". At age 30, having reached both these goals and finding himself as restless and confused as ever, he decided to find another way to live. A Peaceful, Creative way. This new Path brought Arnaud through spiritual journey, entrepreneurship, massive financial successes and self development. More importantly, it helped him enjoy every step of the way. Arnaud now coaches hard-working people who want to enjoy the life they've worked hard to create.

David Papa

So many people analyze, plan, control, set goals, achieve them, and are absolutely miserable. David spent his first career and most of his adult life listening to his rational mind and mental beliefs about how to run his life. He ended up creating a great life and hating it. His relationships fell apart, he was miserable at work, and he was depressed. He did that twice. Finally, he left everything behind in 2013 to explore his spiritual path, his heart, and his intuition. This led David to create his own business, coach leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world, and teach several hundred people how to live and work from the heart. He guides people in emotional healing, he teaches mindfulness and meditation, and he is woo-woo AF. Most recently, he co-founded 3 Spirits Coaching to help hard-working people re-balance their time, peace, and creativity to create a life and success that feels so right.

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